Exhibition Stand Gamification – How To Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

Creative exhibition stand mobile crazy golf by crazy9

The primary goal of any creative exhibition stand is to showcase your product(s) to new clients, but how do you attract them to your stand in the first place? Thankfully the days of hiring a leggy blond to lure in prospective clients has gone; welcome to the age of engaging your prospective clients with something to do, welcome to Exhibition Stand Gamification!

gamified exhibition stand using crazy golf by Parker Design Consultants
Exhibition Stand Gamification using crazy golf by Parker Design Consultants

What is gamification in marketing?

The concept of marketing gamification and exhibition stand  gamification has been around for a few years now.  According to Wikipedia, “Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts” but don’t worry it doesn’t necessarily involve the use of a games console.  The principle of including a gaming element into a show stand design has two significant benefits: 1) it draw the prospective client onto the stand and 2) it keeps them on there for longer, allowing the sales team more time to do their work.

Crazy9’s mobile crazy golf course already has a proven track record of engaging people whether it be used for wedding entertainment or for corporate events.  So it makes sense that the same course could be used to gamify an exhibition stand to draw in and engage prospective clients.  Incentivise it with a prize and you’re onto a winner!

Exhibition Stand Gamification – Case Study

Parker Design Consultants Limited are an award-winning creative agency.  Their Director, Simon Hallows approached Crazy9 with a concept of using our crazy golf course to gamify a new exhibition stand for their long standing clients, SAGE, at the Smart Factory Expo held at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

‘Windy Miller’ was chosen as not only could the sails be branded with the SAGE logo but the rotating sails provided movement to the stand catching the attention of passers by.  Furthermore the decision was made to incentivise gameplay with a £25 Amazon Voucher for each visitor who scored a hole-in-one!

The result was a huge success, so much so we’ve been asked to return for future events!

Best exhibition stand gamification mobile crazy golf by crazy9
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