Project Funfair – Bespoke Crazy Golf Obstacle Manufacture

project Funfair Bespoke Crazy Golf Obstacle Manufacture by Crazy9

Bespoke crazy golf obstacle manufacture, hand built in the UK by Crazy9. Built on craftsmanship, service and reputation, Crazy9 is one of the most popular mobile crazy golf courses in the UK. Their attention to detail and unrivalled levels of hospitality is proven time and time again to be a great addition to any event.

It’ll come as no surprise that Messrs Garrett & Butler are both creatives. Pete has a background in design whilst Philip’s background is in engineering. They make a perfect team when it comes to model making and prop design.

Crazy Golf Obstacle Manufacture – Project Funfair

We can’t tell you too much about Project Funfair at the moment as the design rights application is still being processed. Needless to say Philip is in his element, putting his electro-mechanical R&D skills to the test. What we can tell you is that it’s battery powered and over 1 metre tall, it’s motor driven and is controlled by a micro-computer! All hand built in the UK at the Crazy9 Studio in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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