Where are you based and how far do you travel?

Our studio is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester which gives us a central location to cover the whole of mainland UK.  The prices shown on the website are based on the event location being within a 35 mile radius of Stockport with travel time under 1 hour. There is a 45p/mile and 42p/minute round trip fuel & labour surcharge thereafter.  We use Google maps to calculate the distance from Vernon Mill, Stockport to your venue.  If the distance is below 35 miles and travel time is less than 1 hour, no additional charges are incurred. Otherwise use the following calculations:

Miles: subtract the 35 miles that is included in the standard package price, multiply the result by 2 to get a round trip mileage then multiply by £0.45 to work out the additional charge.

Labour: subtract 1 hour from the travel time, multiply by 2 to get the round trip additional time then multiply by £0.42

If the Travel Time is greater than 3 hours, an addition £80 will be added to the Fuel Surcharge to contribute towards overnight accommodation.

For example:

Vernon Mill to Hodsock Priory, Blyth, Worksop S81 0TY = 58 miles and takes 1hour and 35 minutes (95 minutes)

58 – 35 = 23 miles x 2 = 46 miles round trip
46 x £0.45 per mile = £20.70 fuel surcharge.

95 – 60 = 35 minutes x 2 = 70 minutes round trip
70 x £.42 per minute = £29.40

Total travel expenses = £20.70 + £29.40 = £50.10

Travel Calculator

We have developed a simple travel cost calculator to make life easy for you. Please keep in mind that journey times may vary due to factors such as the time of day and accidents. For accuracy, we calculate the average travel time based on a departure time that ensures arrival at the venue by mid-morning.

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