Why do I feel dizzy when I spin on the revolving golf hole?

The inner part of your ear (the bit you can’t see) not only allows you to hear but also controls your sense of balance.  The ‘Semicircular Canals’ which are adjacent to the cochlea are filled with liquid and lined with tiny hairs which are attached to nerve endings connected to the brain.  When we move, the tiny hairs get bent by the liquid and the signals that are produced by the hairs are transmitted to the brain which interprets them and gives you a sense of balance.  When you spin around quickly the liquid in the inner ear spins as well. When you stop spinning the liquid keeps moving for a while which confuses the brain into thinking that you’re still spinning even when you’re not!

Best Advice….. Don’t stand on the revolving Crazy Susan hole, not only will it damage the course but it may cause serious bodily harm!

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